2022-07-16 “May We Be God’s Faithful People Ministering to Him and Dwelling with Him in Glory”(Psalm 101:5-8)

16/7 “May We Be God’s Faithful People Ministering to Him and Dwelling with Him in Glory 愿我们是神忠诚的子民侍候祂,并在荣耀里与祂同住”(Read阅读Psalm诗篇101:5-8)

Whoever slanders their neighbour in secret, I will put to silence; whoever has haughty eyes and a proud heart, I will not tolerate. My eyes will be on the faithful in the land, that they may dwell with me; the one whose way of life is blameless will minister to me. No one who practises deceit will dwell in my house; no one who speaks falsely will stand in my presence. Every morning I will put to silence all the wicked in the land; I will cut off every evildoer from the city of the LORD. 暗中诽谤邻舍的,我必把他灭绝;眼目高傲,心里骄横的,我必不容忍他。我的眼目必看顾国中的诚实人,使他们与我同住;行为正直的,必要侍候我。行诡诈的,必不得住在我的家里;说谎话的,必不能在我眼前坚立。我每日早晨必灭绝国中所有的恶人,好把所有作孽的人都从耶和华的城里剪除。(Psalm诗篇101:5-8)

It is a significant and grievous sin to lie or speak in an evil way against another. The worst of this slander is done secretly. Two additional, related sins are the communication of arrogance by the facial expression (haughty eyes) and the proud heart behind the expression. Like the psalmist David, our Lord Jesus has his eyes alert for the faithful in the land, for those who will serve now and also dwell with him in glory at the end of time. He would reject one who works deceit and he who tells lies. He would look for the humble, not the proud – knowing they were much better to trust with authority and responsibility. 对人撒谎或恶语中伤别人,是一宗值得关注而严重的罪行,这诽谤中最坏的是行在暗中的。两宗附加相关的罪行,就是用面部表情作傲慢的传达(眼目高傲),并表情背后骄傲之心。如诗人大卫一样,我们的主耶稣对地上的诚实人有着留心的眼目,就是那些现在必事奉,并在世代的末了时也与祂在荣耀里同住的人。祂要弃绝那行诡诈者和说谎话的人;祂要寻找谦卑的而不是骄傲的 – 晓得更值得把权柄和责任託付他们。

Prayer禱告: Sovereign God, thank you for entrusting us with authority and responsibility to be Jesus Christ’s ambassadors, expecting our loyalty to Him and not to the ways of this world as well as our determination to serve in such a way that favoured the godly and opposed the wicked. May the Holy Spirit empower us with your wisdom through Christ’s living words to live out His gospel of salvation. 至高无上的神啊,感谢你託付给我们权柄和责任,作耶稣基督的特使,期望我们对祂而不是这世界的行径忠心,与及我们要喜悦那敬虔的和弃绝那奸恶的,如此事奉的决心。愿圣灵使我们藉基督活泼的话语,带着你的智慧,有力量活出祂使人得救的福音。Amen.

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