2022-10-22 “In Inheriting a Blessing We Are Called to Repay Evil with Blessing “(1 Peter 3:8-9)

22/10 “In Inheriting a Blessing We Are Called to Repay Evil with Blessing 在承受福气上我们蒙召要以福报恶”(Read阅读1 Peter 彼得前书 3:8-9)

Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble. Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult. On the contrary, repay evil with blessing, because to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing. 总括来说,你们要彼此同心,互相体恤,亲爱像弟兄,满有温柔,存心谦卑。不要以恶报恶,以辱骂还辱骂,倒要祝福,因为你们就是为此蒙召,好叫你们承受福气。(1 Peter 彼得前书 3:8-9)

Most of us are willing to be like-minded (have one mind) as long as that one mind is my mind! But the one mind is to be Christ’s mind. We are not commanded to like our brothers/sisters but to love them tender-heartedly, brotherly, compassionately, and even humbly (the measure to identify Christ’s true disciples). Once we start loving them, we will start liking them. The greatest challenge to our love for others comes when we are wronged. We love one another not only for the sake of Lord Jesus or our brother/sister for whom He died but also for our own sake. By blessing those who have wronged us, we will inherit a blessing. 我们大多数人都愿意彼此同心(有一个心思),只要那个心思就是我的心思!但这个心思是指基督的心思。我们不是蒙吩咐去喜欢我们的弟兄/姊妹,而却是要体恤地、友爱地、怜悯地,什至谦卑地爱他们(去确认基督的真门徒的准则)。我们一旦开始爱他们,我们必开始喜欢上他们。我们对别人的爱所面临最大的挑战,就是当我们被冤枉的时候。我们彼此相爱,不单是为耶稣的缘故,我们是祂身上的肢体。我们彼此相爱,不单是为主耶稣或我们的弟兄/姊妹(那些主耶稣为他们而死的人),也是为了自己的缘故。藉着祝福那些得罪我们的人,我们就必承受福气。


Abba Father, ‘be like-minded’ speaks to the essential unity of us as your beloved children. You have built both unity and diversity among us; we are one but we are not all the same. Having one mind brings us back to the need to know your word which shows us Christ’s mind. Thank you for reminding us that it is no great credit if we love those who love us in return. May your amazing grace and abundant love empower us to pass the real test of love to demonstrate compassion towards our enemies. 阿爸父啊,「要彼此同心」提及我们作蒙你爱的儿女之必须的合一。你已在我们中间建造了合一性和多样性;我们是一致的,却不是所有相同。要有一致的心思,把我们带回到对你示明基督心思之话语认识的需要上。感谢你提醒我们,若我对那些爱我们的人以爱回报,这是没有值得大大赞扬的。愿你奇异的恩典和丰盛的慈爱,使我们有力量通过爱的真正考验,向我们的仇敌展示出怜悯。Amen.

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