2022-10-24 “Let Us Take It All to God Who Listens and Answers “(James 5:13-16)

24/10 “Let Us Take It All to God Who Listens and Answers 让我们把一切都带到那聆听和回应的神面前来”(Read阅读James 雅各书 5:13-16)

Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray. Is anyone happy? Let them sing songs of praise. Is anyone among you ill? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up. If they have sinned, they will be forgiven. Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. 你们中间有人受苦吗?他就应该祷告。有人心情愉快吗?他就应该歌颂。你们中间有人患病吗?他就应该请教会的长老来,让他们奉主的名为他抹油祈祷。出于信心的祈祷,可以使病人康复,主必叫他起来;他若犯了罪,也必蒙赦免。所以你们应当彼此认罪,互相代求,这样你们就可以痊愈。义人祈祷所发出的力量,是大有功效的。(James 雅各书 5:13-16)

Take it all to God: the suffering one needs to pray (instead of complaining) and the cheerful one should sing praise to Him. In fact, the two commands could be reversed. The sick should call for church elders, asking them to pray for their need anointing them with oil in Jesus’ name. The best approach in praying for the sick is to pray with humble confidence that they will be healed, unless God clearly and powerfully makes it clear that this is not His will. Having prayed, we simply leave the matter to God. Mutual confession and prayer brings healing, both physically and spiritually. Confession can free us from the heavy burdens (physically and spiritually) of unresolved sin, and removes hindrances to the work of the Holy Spirit. Effective prayer must be fervent/powerful, not because we must emotionally persuade a reluctant God, but because we must gain God’s heart by being fervent for the things He is fervent for. 要把一切都带到神面前来:受苦者需要来祷告(与其埋怨),喜乐者理应歌颂赞美神;事实上,这两个命令是可以对换的。病患者理应请教会的长老,要长老们为他们的需要祈祷,奉耶稣之名为他抹油祈祷。为病患者祷告的最好方式就是带着谦卑的信心,相信他们会得医治,除非神清楚和有力地表明那不是祂的心意,祈祷后我们就把事情交给神了。我们彼此的认罪、互相的代求会带来医治,包括身体上的和属灵上的。忏悔能让我们从未解决之罪的重担中得释放(身体上和属灵上),除去让圣灵在我们身上工作的拦阻。有效的祈祷必须是热切/有力量的,不是因为我们必须在感情上说服一个不情愿的神,而是因为我们必须对神所热切的事表现出我们的热切,以赢得神的心。


Oh Lord Jesus, it is a true mystery and a possible loss to us that many of us hesitate to ask for help or to seek prayer from church leadership in facing our desperate need or trouble, etc. This is also similar for confession to one another. We know that this is good but must be made with discretion since an unwise confession of sin can be the cause of more sin. Thank you for encouraging us that by recognizing the grounds of our righteousness reside in you, and our personal walk generally consistent with the righteousness that we have in you, we should have faith in offering effective prayer to others. 主耶稣啊,面对自己迫切的需要或困难等等时,我们中许多人都不大愿意向教会领袖们请求帮助或寻求代祷,这对我们来说是真的一个谜和可能的损失;这对彼此认罪来说也类似一样。我们晓得这是好的,但必须要酌情考量,因为一个不明智的忏悔可以引发更多的罪。感谢你鼓厉我们,靠赖确认我们称义的理据是你的,而个人的行事为人也是与我们在你里面所得的义总体上一致的,我们理应有着信心,为别人献上有效的祷告。Amen.

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