2022-10-25 “May We Have Confidence in Asking God Anything According to His Will “(1 John 5:13-15)

25/10 “May We Have Confidence in Asking God Anything According to His Will 愿我们有着坦然无惧的心,照着神的旨意为任何事物向祂祈求”(Read阅读1 John 约翰一书5:13-15)

I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life. This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us – whatever we ask – we know that we have what we asked of him. 我把这些事写给你们信神的儿子之名的人,是要你们知道自己有永生。如果我们照着神的旨意祈求,他必听我们;这就是我们对神所存的坦然无惧的心。既然他听我们的祈求,我们就知道,我们无论求什么,他必赐给我们。(1 John 约翰一书5:13-15)

As we hear the simple gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ and embrace it over and over again, we benefit by it, are assured by it, and are helped to continue in it. We can know that we have eternal life only if our salvation rests in Jesus and not in our own performance. God is a loving God and a generous giver wanting us to ask of Him, to see and discern His will through His Word, to pray His will into action, and once having so asked, to have the assurance that He hears us, thus praying with real and definite faith. We can and should pray about everything since God cares about our whole life, and nothing is too small or too big to pray about. The most powerful prayers in the Bible are always prayers which understand God’s will and ask Him to perform it. God is delighted when we pray His promises showing our will aligned with His, our dependence on Him, and that we take His Word seriously. 当我们一次又一地聆听和欣然接受在耶稣基督里之救赎的简明福音时,我们从中受益和获得确信,并得到帮助去继续活在福音里。只有当我们的救恩取决于耶稣而不是自己的行为表现时,我们才能知道自己有永生。神是慈爱的神,也是慷慨的施予者,要我们向祂祈求,透过祂的话看见和明辨祂的旨意,祈求祂的旨意得成全,并如此祈求就得着祂聆听我们的保证,因此带着真实而肯定的信心祈祷。我们能够也理应为一切向祂祈求,因为神关心我们整个的人生,而没有什么事小到或大到不能为之祈祷。圣经中最有力的祷告,总是那些明白神的旨意,并祈求神实行那些旨意的祷告。当我们用神的应许向祂祈求时,祂会很高兴;这表明我们的意志与祂的旨意是一致的,我们依赖祂,并我们认真对待祂的话语。


God of Trinity, if we had never been taking the initiative to read the Bible, to pray and to witness Jesus Christ, we eventually ignored the need to hear and reflect the gospel once we had ‘accepted’ it. Thank you for reminding us that you want us to work with you and that means bringing our will and agenda into alignment with yours. May the love of Christ and the illumination of the Holy Spirit prompt us to take it seriously that for the sake of our assurance in salvation, you want us to care about the things you care about, caring enough to pray passionately about them. 三一真神啊,如果我们一直从来不採取主动去读圣经、祈祷和见证耶稣基督,我们一旦已「接受」了福音便终于漠视聆听和反思福音的需要。感谢你提醒我们,你要我们与你同工,这意味着我们的意愿和议程要与你的一致。愿基督的爱和圣灵的光照促使我们认真对待,为着我们救恩确据的缘故,你要我们关心你所关心的事,足够关心到要热切地为那些事祷告。Amen.

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