2022-10-29 “Little Prayer, Little Plessing; More Prayer, More Blessings; Much Prayer, Much Blessing” (Jeremiah 33:1-3)

“Little Prayer, Little Plessing; More Prayer, More Blessings; Much Prayer, Much Blessing微小的祷告,微小的祝福;多点的祷告,多点的祝福,多多的祷告,多多的祝福”(Read阅读Jeremiah 耶利米书 33:1-3)

While Jeremiah was still confined in the courtyard of the guard, the word of the Lord came to him a second time: ‘This is what the Lord says, he who made the earth, the Lord who formed it and established it – the Lord is his name: “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” 耶利米还监禁在卫兵院子里的时候,耶和华的话第二次临到他,说:“那创造、塑造和坚定大地的是耶和华,耶和华是他的名。他这样说:‘你呼求我,我就应允你,并且把你所不知道的那些伟大奥秘的事告诉你。’(Jeremiah 耶利米书 33:1-3)

King Zedekiah put Jeremiah in the royal prison for preaching in the LORD’s name that Babylonians would succeed. Here the LORD’s name emphasizes His covenant relationship with Israel. God will speak of His faithfulness to the covenant. God invited Jeremiah and all who heard to come to Him in faith-filled prayer, confident of His answer. This promise is especially remarkable considering the circumstances: enduring the terror of a siege and the soon fulfilment of promised judgment. As the judgment was even at the door, God spoke a word of hope and invitation and faith to Jeremiah and Jerusalem. 西底家王把耶利米囚禁起来,为的是他以主的名传讲巴比伦人会成功打败他们。在这里,主的名强调祂与以色列立约的关系。对于这约,神必提及祂的信实。神邀请耶利米和所有听到的人,以充满信心的祷告,相信祂应允地来到祂面前。这应许特别地引人注目的考虑那些处境:忍受围城的可怕和应许审判的快将成就。纵然当那审判就在门前,神对耶利米和耶路撒冷仍说出盼望、邀请和信心的话语。

Prayer禱告: Sovereign God, thank you that you cry to us, calling unto you and you will answer us telling us great and unsearchable things in Jesus Christ we may not know. Indeed little prayer, little blessing; more prayer, more blessings; much prayer, much blessing. 至高无上的神啊,感谢你向我们呼喊,叫我们呼求你,就应允我们,并且把我们在耶稣基督里,所不知道的那些伟大奥秘的事告诉我们。确实,微小的祷告,微小的祝福;多点的祷告,多点的祝福,多多的祷告,多多的祝福。Amen.

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