2022-11-03 “Be Aware of What Comes out of Us That Defiles Ourselves”(Mark 7:14-16)

3/11 “Be Aware of What Comes out of Us That Defiles Ourselves 要注意到从我们里面出来的,才能使自己污秽”(Read阅读Mark 马可福音 7:14-16)

Again Jesus called the crowd to him and said, ‘Listen to me, everyone, and understand this. Nothing outside a person can defile them by going into them. Rather, it is what comes out of a person that defiles them. If anyone has ears to hear, let them hear.’ 于是耶稣又把群众叫过来,对他们说:“你们大家都要听我说,也要明白:从外面进去的,不能使人污秽,从里面出来的,才能使人污秽。有耳可听的,就应该听。”(Mark 马可福音 7:14-16)

In this specific context, Lord Jesus spoke about ceremonial cleanliness in regard to food. He anticipated the time when under the New Covenant all foods would be declared kosher. ‘Nothing outside a person’ does not imply that we do not need to be careful about what we can take into ourselves especially those which might provoke our lustful desires. The fundamental principle is simple. Eating with unclean hands or any other such thing that we put into us is not defiling. Rather, what comes out of us defiles and reveals that we have unclean (defiled) hearts. 在这特定的背景/上下文里,主耶稣谈到了有关食物方面的洁净仪式,他预期着在新约之下,所有食物都得声明为洁净的那时期。「没有东西从人外面」并不暗示,我们不需要小心自己能吃/吸取什么,特别是那些或许会激起自己肉欲的东西。这根本的原则是简单的:用不洁的手进食,或是自己任何别的要吃的东西都不算污秽;反之,从我们里面出来的才使人污秽,并表明自己有不洁净(污秽)的心。


Heavenly Father, you are far more concerned with what comes out of us than what goes into us. Every outward act of sin is preceded by an inward act of choice. May the illumination, guidance and power of the Holy Spirit prompt us to keep the right mind, say the right word and do the right thing. 父神啊,你关注从我们里面出来的,比进入到我们里面的更甚。每一个外在的罪恶行为之前,都有一个内在的选择行为。愿圣灵的光照、引导和能力,促使我们保持正确的心思意念,说出正确合宜的话,并作正确合宜的事。Amen.

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