2023-01-21 “Jesus Christ Was Cursed on Our Behalf So That We Could Be Saved and Blessed”(Acts 13:26-31)

Jesus Christ Was Cursed on Our Behalf So That We Could Be Saved and Blessed耶穌基督代替我们被咒詛,好使我們可以得蒙拯救和祝福“(Acts 使徒行傳 13:26-31)

Fellow children of Abraham and you God-fearing Gentiles, it is to us that this message of salvation has been sent. The people of Jerusalem and their rulers did not recognise Jesus, yet in condemning him they fulfilled the words of the prophets that are read every Sabbath. Though they found no proper ground for a death sentence, they asked Pilate to have him executed. When they had carried out all that was written about him, they took him down from the cross and laid him in a tomb. But God raised him from the dead, and for many days he was seen by those who had travelled with him from Galilee to Jerusalem. They are now his witnesses to our people.


Those who did not understand what the Scriptures said about Jesus rejected Him and delivered Him to Pilate to be executed. This was true even though they lived in Jerusalem and were rulers among the Jews reading the words of the prophets every Sabbath. Therefore Jesus was executed by nailing on a cross/tree and laid in a tomb. In Deuteronomy 21, it says that God curses a person who is hanged from a tree. In other words, Jesus was cursed on our behalf so that we could be saved and blessed. Mankind did their best to fight against God – even to kill Him – but God was greater than their sin and rebellion, and Jesus rose from the grave, winning over sin and death. The fact of Jesus’ resurrection was simply stated here. Yet, evidence from eyewitnesses was also offered.


Prayer: God of Life and History, if we did not take it serious to understand your word of truth, we might have been just like what our resurrected Lord said to those disciples unable to recognize Him at start on the road to Emmaus, ‘How foolish you are, and how slow to believe all that the prophets have spoken!’ No wonder we would find it difficult to experience Christ’s love and resurrecting power in our lives. Forgive us and help us to treasure that this message of salvation has been sent to us. Amen.

禱告: 生命和歷史的神啊,若我們沒有嚴肅正視去理解明白你的真道,或許就已經好似我們復活的主對那些在以馬午斯路上,起初不能認出祂的門徒所說:「無知的人哪,先知所說的一切話,你們心裡信得太遲鈍了!」難怪在我們的生命,我們會發覺困難去經歷體驗基督的愛和復活的大能。求你寬恕我們,並幫助我們去珍惜這救恩之道是傳給我們的。阿們。

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