2023-03-05 “An Option or the Decisive Choice”(Genesis 25:27-34)

An Option or the Decisive Choice 一個選擇或那抉擇“(Genesis 創世記 25:27-34)

… He said to Jacob, ‘Quick, let me have some of that red stew! I’m famished!’ … Jacob replied, ‘First sell me your birthright.’ ‘Look, I am about to die,’ Esau said. ‘What good is the birthright to me?’ But Jacob said, ‘Swear to me first.’ So he swore an oath to him, selling his birthright to Jacob. … So Esau despised his birthright.

… 以掃對雅各說:“求你把這紅豆湯給我喝吧,因為我疲乏得很。” … 雅各說:“你要先把你的長子名分賣給我。”以掃說:“我快要死了,這長子名分對我有甚麼益處呢?”雅各說:“你先向我起誓吧。”以掃就向他起了誓,把自己的長子名分賣給雅各。… 以掃就這樣輕看了他的長子名分。

We may not be able to understand fully God’s choice of Jacob over Esau (before they were born) according to His divine wisdom, love, and goodness with reasons He alone knows and answers to, but we could learn from their respective responses toward God’s given birthright which involved both a material and a spiritual realm especially here determining who would inherit the covenant of a land, a nation and the Messiah God made with Abraham. Jacob was guilty of scheming in the flesh to gain something God said was already his. Yet we should remember the far greater blame was placed on Esau who valued only material things and despised his birthright thinking little of the spiritual heritage connected to it when he was hungry.


Prayer: Oh Sovereign God, it is sad to see that spiritually speaking, many Christians today despise their ‘birthright’ in Jesus Christ neglecting or trading away this for cheap entertainment, momentary popularity, or passing pleasures. Help us not to be caught in the trap of either questioning your wisdom and sovereign or being judgmental toward others being saved or not, but to treasure our own spiritual ‘birthright’ here and now experiencing every spiritual blessing in Christ through the work of our indwelling Holy Spirit. Amen.


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