2022-10-31 “But as for Us, We Trust in You, Lord Jesus (Psalm 55:22-23)

31/10 “But as for Us, We Trust in You, Lord Jesus主耶稣啊,至于我们,我们必倚靠你”(Read阅读Psalm 诗篇 55:22-23)

Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken. But you, God, will bring down the wicked into the pit of decay; the bloodthirsty and deceitful will not live out half their days. But as for me, I trust in you. 你要把你的重担卸给耶和华,他必扶持你;他永远不会让义人动摇。神啊!你必使恶人堕入灭亡的深坑里;流人血和行诡诈的人必活不到半世;至于我,我必倚靠你。(Psalm 诗篇 55:22-23)

David knew that even a one-time friend who became a treacherous and dangerous enemy was a burden which God could and should bear. The promise is not that God will carry it but that He will sustain us. The experience of suffering was not taken away from God’s servant, but he was sustained, and so made strong enough to resist its pressure, and through it to make his service more perfect. The faithful God is still Lord over all and has the final word on whether the righteous would be moved or not. He would not only help and establish the righteous but also bring down those bloodthirsty and deceitful men who caused so much trouble among His people. We should focus upon God, not our enemies, trusting in Him and not being disappointed. 大卫晓得就算一位从前的朋友,成了一个背叛而危险的仇敌,都是神可以而理应(代为)承担的重担。那应许不是神必要背负起它,而是祂必支撐着我们。受苦的经历体验不会从神的仆人拿走,而他却得着支撐,因此足够强壮去抵抗它的压力,并透过这样使他的服事更完全。信实的神仍然是一切之上的主,会让义人动摇与否有最终话语权。祂会不单只帮助和建立义人,而且也把那些在祂子民中间引起那么多麻煩、流人血和行诡诈的人打倒。我们理应把焦点放在神而不是仇敌上,信靠祂和不至失望。

Prayer禱告: God of Heaven, you impose burdens to see what we would do with them. We may carry them to our undoing, or cast them on you for your blessed countenance. If we cast our burden upon Lord Jesus, what business do we have to carry it ourselves? How could we truthfully say that we have cast it upon Him if we are still burdened with it? Have pity upon us! 天上的神啊,你把一些重担强加,为要看看我们会如何处置它们。我们可以背负起它们至到自己的垮台,或把它们加于你而得着你祝福的仰脸。如果我们把重担加于主耶稣身上,我们为何必要自己背负起它呢?如果我们仍然被重担负累,我们怎可以真诚地说已把重担加于主耶稣呢?求你可怜我们!Amen.

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